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HP: Darkness

Harry Potter: Darkness
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This is a Alternate Universe (AU) Harry Potter RPG.
"I wanted something dark and gritty. I think of Darkness as Harry Potter meets American Gothic. This is the shadowy, film noir form of the Harry Potter universe. A world where most witches and wizards don't necessarily get catagorised as "good" or "evil" - they simply are.

"Take Mavis, for instance, she's a muggle born witch. She's an artiste. Her specialty? She takes black and white photographs of roadkill. Magic is a parlour trick for her, something to play with but not rely on for day to day life. Or look at Lysander, his friends thought it'd be fun to join the OotP. He's now the youngest leader the OotP has had. But he's not leader because he's the best, no, he won it by default when nearly all of the order members were slaughtered he found himself with seniority. What about a witch who treats murder like a business? And runs the DEs like a corporation where being 'downsized' puts you six feet under.

"This is my Harry Potter world. It is full of sinners and saints, it is full of everyman. And the light here at Darkness casts deep shadows." hackergroupie, creator of HP: Darkness and HP: Now Playing

The Story
Present Day London
For the past 30 years the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters have been fighting. Heavy casualties have been reported on both sides of the war for or against Wizarding purity/Muggle Rights.

The Good Guys
On March 21, 2004, the Order suffered its greatest blow to date, one that was nearly fatal. Their leader Arkain Jamison was killed during battle. Order member Lysander Russell stepped in after the resulting chaos and fought to regain control. He only recently succeeded and is steadily rebuilding his forces of good.

The Bad Guys
One week later, the senior Death Eaters and their leader Ares were murdered from within. The Death Eaters were easily taken over by Ares' daughter, Athena. She, too, has been steadily rebuilding her empire with her own vision: the total elimination of all muggles and halfbloods

The Muggles
They've noticed something "strange" going on throughout London - an increase in disappearances and numerous mysterious deaths. Unfortunately, Muggle authorities are powerless.

Apply for your character at hpd_chars! Each player can have up to 2 characters.

Affiliated communities: hpd_de and hpd_ootp.

Your mods are: hackergroupie, wyldcolt45 and giove_dea.

The Rules

These are in no particular order whatsoever. Read them. Memorize them. Love them (or hate them). Follow them. There's a lot here. Only you can prevent forest fires! Don't play with matches...

We can't make you read the rules, but if you don't follow them an excuse of "I didn't know" doesn't cut it. And, like Smokey the Bear, we will stomp you out. Or, like, remove you from the community as needed.

1. Harry Potter and ALL canon characters DO NOT EXIST They never have, they never will. And, in fact, their last names? Never heard of them.

2. Animagi, Metamorphmagi, Twins, Red Heads, Cool-Scars-That-Show-Maps-Of-The-London-Underground or are shaped like meteorological phenomenon are rare! So rare that even after you request mod permission, you're unlikely to get it. (Unless you can provide a really, really, really, really, really good reason for why you deserve it. Or you offer a good bribe.)

3. Psychic powers of any kind belong to the Betazoids of Star Trek fame. This is Harry Pottter. Don't bother asking, it's not going to happen.

4. Every good story needs a Big Bad. It's not you. Likewise, you are not the "chosen one" fighting evil with witty remarks and a pointy stick. You may, however, join the ranks of either team using the wonderous invention:roleplay. Ps. Horcrux=no.

5. Drugs and the Wizard mix like oil and water and napalm. If your wizard does drugs s/he will become squib-like for approximately 2 In-Character (IC) months. Why? Because we say so. (Plus drugs are kinda like the anti-magic)

Alcohol, however, has a slightly different reaction. While drunk, a wizard or witch will be unable to accurately perform spells. Much like a Muggle drunk, a Wizard will be pretty useless. This effect will wear off as the person becomes sober. Lucky them.

6. Sex and you. Sex is not the primary motivator in a wizards life. Accordingly, if your character cannot go a day without playing hide-the-salami we will be forced to assume you are not getting any in real-life. Pity will ensue. And mocking.

Also, keep the diagrams to the professionals. If your character is going to "get it on" occassionally, that's fine - but use of the Great Ellipsis is strongly encouraged.

7. Upper management jobs and snazzy pureblood lines will be moderated. Doesn't mean you can't have one (or both!) but if you want one you'll need permission. Oh, and failure to perform job duties (eg. show up to work) will result in unemployment.

8. To avoid accidental magic, err, accidental player knowledge seepage IC you cannot have both a Death Eater and a Order character. Sucks, I know.

9. You can have 2 characters only. You can create unlimited NPCs. If you don't know what an NPC is, you're at the wrong rpg.

10. Godmoding, as our elderly mod prefers to term it, or Mary Sues as you youngsters call it, are not tolerated. And, hey, if you have a super strength you must have a super weakness equal to or greater than your strength.

11. Mods REALLY want to play and not police this community. If you cause us to become policemen, we'll temporarily remove you from the gameplay - length dependant on your crime. We're like the Soup Nazi. Only meaner.

12. You don't have to like other players or their characters. This is normal. Haven't you been through high-school? And yes, we agree this is an obvious rule, but we thought we'd throw it out to you.

13. All new members will be on a 90 day probationary period. Inactivity and Out Of Character drama during this period will result in removal from the community.

14. Sundays mark a new IC day. Yes they're long, but we hope it makes for a less rushed feel for those members who cannot be online 24/7. If playing with someone else, you must give them 72 hours to post before you can a) leave the thread or b) puppet them. You have two characters, get over it. And yes, you can only play (each character) in one place(time of day) at a time. Unless you've splinched yourself. Ouch.

15. Goes without saying, player knowledge does not equal character knowledge.

16. Evil tends to wear many disguises. Keep in mind your character cannot see beyond an illusion just because you can.

17. You must be 17 years old to play here. Sorry.

18. Post subject lines should always be: Location, Time of Day, Attention Whomever You're Playing with.

Eg. Library, Morning, Attn: Any
Library, Morning, Attn: Steve, Joe and Phill.

Unless the people posting are open to new-comers, you cannot join them.

Mod Notes
Why do we have so many bloody rules? Because. We want this roleplay to be more in-depth than others we've either played in before or are playing in now and feel that having certain rules will help keep things on track. Think of this as a giant story with multiple authors. We've got set good/bad guy teams. We want drama. We want REAL characters, with feelings and grit. We want posts to be at least a paragraph in length, and well thought out. There should never be an ooc post, though a brief [ooc: note] is okay to tack at the bottom of your ic post.

If you have questions you're welcome to email hackergroupie at hackergroupie @ gmail.com

*Free Prize may or may not actually exist. Or perhaps by "prize" we mean the warm glow you'll feel after joining!