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[Majik - Wizard Run, Muggle Enjoyed. This mid-size club features live music, and a bar that serves more drinks than food. Wizarding folk who enjoy the Muggle universe might enjoy this wild place.]
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Matthew Patrick wasn't having a very good day. Work had been hellish, so he'd come to Majik to escape... if you could ever escape in these dark days. He'd retrieved, rather predictably, fish and chips and a stout from the bar. His chosen a table was located in the shadowy corner of the club, where he could blend in. He wore Muggle clothes, more or less out of habit, a black sweater and black trousers, making his silhouette even more difficult to distinguish from the rest of the dimly lit room.

Matt took a sip of his stout and let his shoulders relax a bit. The club always provided the type of atmosphere he enjoyed, and he made it an almost nightly stop before going home to Victoria. It was odd that he found solace in the dark, busy place, though he never spoke to anyone. Here could be lonely, and on his own, without actually being alone. He enjoyed watching the Muggles and hearing the Muggle-music. Matt had never forgotten that side of his half-blood roots. Also, the interaction between Wizards and Muggles in Majik reminded him exactly what they were all fighting for.

He took a bite of the fish and made a face. For some reason, he liked to take dinner at Majik, though the food was only just bearable. The greasy, fried fare tended to wreak havoc on his stomach, and do nothing at all for his physique. Still, a bachelor through and through, Matt never really minded that.

He sipped his stout, and counted on having at least two beers before heading home. Another thing about Majik, he could read the Muggle newspapers without attracting the attention of snobbish pure-blood gits. That way he could check up on the football scores. Oh, Matt enjoyed Quidditch as much as the next man, but he couldn't give up football either.